future of electric scooters: website redesign


This was a client project with eGen who are a high quality supplier of electric scooters/mopeds with the vision of being the amazon of their industry. To meet their primary target of maximising sales conversion, we redesigned their website and refined their brand identity. 


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Role - UI/UX Designer

Worked with the UX team to analyse research and designed the interface.  


Product discoverability + Branding 

Dissecting the current website, it was clear there was room for clearer/better information architecture to improve navigation and discoverability within the site. This was confirm with the very high bounce rate and an average session duration of 1 minute.


The current branding and visual design of the current website felt impersonal, out date and couldn't connect with the current target audience. The logo felt out of date and difficult to display across multiple platforms. From further UX research, the value offerings where not clear to the target audience as they did not know how the product fits and enhances their current lifestyle.


Clearer interface + Lifestyle brand 

The interface was made cleaner and clearer with the whole user journey made easier from discoverability to checkout. Unnecessary steps were eliminated to take the user as fast as possible to checkout. To help users who are stuck with choosing products, a "help me choose" feature was added.


To improve the branding, lifestyle images of target audience (having a good time with the bikes) were used on the sites. Logo was simplified and designed to be responsive to multiple platforms. Colour palette is chosen to be friendly, fun yet trustworthy for the brand.

Video of Prototype

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