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making 80's/90's cool for young females


Rewind is a musical app where you experience both old and new school music. The best thing is you could build your own mixtape, transform them to old school cassette audio formats to be delivered to someone special (with the option to include a walkman as part of the gift) all with the touch of your hands.


Sketch| Illustrator | Photoshop | InVision | Principle

Role - UI/Interaction Designer

Designed the user interface based on research and made the micro interactions.


Making the old cool again

The challenge in the project was creating an app that had the right balance of bringing the old school (80’s-90’s) era whilst appealing and cool  to such a young female target audience (15-25) that were barely born during it.


All about the visual style

Picking the most relevant and appropriate visual elements from the old school era and translating it to the current era using visual styles of the current one that the target audience would find appealing.  

Swipping Experience
Song Playing Experience

Video of Prototype

Read more about the design process
Click through to high fidelity prototypes

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