a travel campaign to attract Nigerians in the diaspora


This project was about branding & designing a responsive website for a tourism campaign. The campaign was to reconnect Nigerians in the diaspora (particularly in the UK) back to their culture and heritage through music and festivals. I strongly felt passionate about this because I know a lot of British Nigerians who want to be more in touch with their Nigerian background.


Sketch | Illustrator | Photoshop | XD | InVision | Principle

Role - UI/UX, Brand Designer

Designed the website  and branding based on research
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Reconnecting with culture and heritage

This project involved creating an impactful and engaging tourism campaign that would attract the target audience to Motherland.

The project required me to develop a visual identity, responsive website and branding materials. The biggest challenge was creating an identity that represented Lagos and simultaneously connected with the target audience.

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Experience Lagos through music

The responsive website, being one of the first major touchpoints is used to attract the target audience via:​

  • An immersive experience that on-boards the audience to the different music genres through a playlist of the top songs.
  • Travel Information about the city, flights, accommodation and other FAQ's is provided to ensure a seamless hitch-free trip.
  • To improve brand awareness, there is a merchandise section for the audience to purchase the coolest items.

Video of Prototype

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Case Study

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